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Taxation and Tax Planning

Kilcoyne Accountants has experienced tax accountants and financial advisors ready to expertly prepare your personal income tax returns

Our experienced tax accountants will provide

strategic tax planning unified with your personal financial planning requirements along with exceptional personalized service at affordable rates. When you succeed we succeed! This is our personal commitment to each and every one of our clients.

Why is tax important to your wealth creation and overall financial health? For most people, the largest expense over his/her lifetime will be income tax. The fees paid to have an experienced tax professional help with your tax / financial planning will be superseded by the tax savings. The tax accountants and financial advisors at Kilcoyne Accountants have the expertise to see the big-picture while helping you lower your income taxes and improve your financial situation on your wealth building journey.

Personal Tax
Specialist tax minimisation service for company directors and the self-employed. Why leave the tax loopholes to the super rich? We examine all aspects of your personal financial situation and provide strategies in relation to remuneration, pension, retirement and inheritance. Don’t pay any more tax than you need to.

Corporate and Business Tax
The objective of our tax services is to conserve clients’ financial resources through effective tax planning. Some of the specific tax services which we provide are:

  • Business Tax Credits
  • Corporate tax planning.
  • Tax planning for business reorganization, such as:
    Acquisitions, disposals, capital restructuring and reorganizations.
  • Company planning including Directors Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Capital Acquisitions Tax and retirement planning.

Revenue Audit
You don’t have to face into a Revenue audit alone. Our experienced team will prepare all the necessary documentation for disclosure to the Revenue. We can arrange for one of our accountants to be present or for the audit to be carried out at our premises.

So why waste your time going to multiple financial advisors?

Is your time valuable to you? Do you want a financial advisor that is knowledgeable about your entire wealth strategy able to assess assess both your business and personnel needs?

Do you want a holistic approach to your wealth building strategy whereby there is no disconnect between your independent financial advisors. If you have a tax accountant, an investment advisor, an insurance advisor, a banker etc. there will inevitably be a disadvantageous disconnect with your overall wealth strategy.

At Kilcoyne Accountants, you can meet one knowledgeable financial advisor to manage your tax, investments, insurance, mortgage etc. This one financial advisor / tax accountant approach results in economies of scale that will translate into lower fees for the client; an approach that will integrate many facets of your wealth building process and allow you to retire with financial security and make the most of your hard earned money.

The financial advisors at Kilcoyne Accountants will be able to provide solutions for your tax needs, retirement planning, investment planning, insurance planning, mortgage planning etc. This synergy will result in a more efficient plan as opposed to hiring three or four separate advisors that will be unable to communicate effectively with each other; this disconnect will bring costly inefficiencies into the equation. Start your wealth building and tax reduction strategies with Kilcoyne Accountants now.

It makes sense to choose Kilcoyne Accountants. You will receive more comprehensive advice from one financial advisor who is knowledgeable in all areas of your tax reduction and wealth management plan.

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