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Company Secretarial

Kilcoyne Accountants offers a complete Company Secretarial Service for listed and unlisted public and private companies.

Company Secretarial Services
Kilcoyne Accountants is based in Dublin with offices conveniently located in the city centre. Our company secretarial service offering is tailored to focus on prevailing governance and company secretarial matters giving piece of mind to our clients who know we are looking after there best interests.

Kilcoyne Accountants is comprised of a diverse range of highly skilled practitioners, including administration assistants, chartered company secretaries and solicitors. Drawing on this inimitable resource pool we allocate the most appropriate resource for your requirements and consequently can deliver tailored cost effective solutions for any task.

Kilcoyne Accountants offers a wide range of services including complete outsourcing of the Company Secretarial function, the provision of ad hoc support for your Company Secretary and legal advice. In addition, we can second our staff to your offices for project duration’s or to cover key resource leave.

Company Secretarial / Governance Consulting
Corporate governance is about more than sound record keeping; it goes to the heart of how a business is run and the transparent disclosure of relevant information between management, the board, investors and other stakeholders. One of our core competencies is the assessment of governance procedures to ensure they comply with your corporate obligations.

As expert providers of governance services we are well positioned to keep you abreast of current industry issues and best practice in Ireland. This information can provide invaluable insight to assist Boards in devising strategic responses to market events and regulatory change.

Company Secretarial Administrative Services
Administration, maintenance and filing of company records is the backbone of any corporate governance regime. To be done effectively, corporate administration requires experience and an understanding of the legal and regulatory framework that applies to your organisation. Kilcoyne Accountants provides effective administrative services that ensure compliance with all of the Irish rules and regulations surrounding company compliance.

Legal Services
Kilcoyne Accountants legal services are an adjunct to the company secretarial and governance consulting. Our advice includes legal review and the corresponding comfort of legal professional privilege and professional indemnity.

In addition, Kilcoyne Accountants has deep expertise in a range of legal services closely associated with our core governance capabilities across capital raising, corporate transactions, employee equity incentive plans and investor communications.

The specialised focus of our legal team ensures that you get not only up-to-date advice but also the most efficient production of that advice or document. Quite simply, our structure is significantly more cost effective than those offered by corporate legal firms.

Compliance Services
Kilcoyne Accountants provides diverse compliance services including conducting compliance reviews, developing and implementing compliance policies and processes.

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Kilcoyne Accountants offers a complete Company Secretarial Service for listed and unlisted public and private companies... Read More

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