Live register numbers hit almost 11 year low – the lowest level since April 2008

The number of people on the live register decreased 1.6pc in January to 200,300.

This is the lowest number recorded in the seasonally adjusted series since April 2008.

According to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office (CSO), in unadjusted terms, there were 199,627 persons signing on last month.

This represents an annual drop of 15.9pc or a decrease of 37,759.

On a seasonally adjusted basis, 1,900 less men (a drop of 1.7pc) signed on in January 2019.

Meanwhile, the number of women on the live register fell by 1,400 (down 1.6pc) over the same period.

The Live Register is not designed to measure unemployment as it includes part-time workers, seasonal and casual workers.

Earlier this week, the CSO released a report showing that last month’s unemployment rate remained unchanged from December at 5.3pc.

The figure is down from 6pc in January 2017.

Overall, there were 127,300 people unemployed last month, down from 127,900 when compared to the December 2018 figure, and a decrease of 13,400 when compared to January 2018.

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