Is Hiring a Tax Professional Right for You?

It’s about that time of year again… Tax Season! For some, it’s just the time of the year when the kids go back to school or the evenings get shorter. But if you are a business owner or a self employed person it can be a time of stress and procrastination…A.K.A. Tax season!

Now there are two distinct paths you can travel to arrive at the destination of completing your tax returns. One is where you do them yourself, cross your fingers and hope for the best. Or you can bring in a professional!

There is a lot to be said for hiring a professional to complete your tax returns. Below I will outline a few of the more compelling reasons you may want to hire a professional instead of going the DIY route.

You’ll skip the hassle.

If you are a notorious procrastinator or if you’re already very busy with all the day to day tasks of running your business, then just suck it up and hire a tax professional. It’s almost completely painless and well worth the expense (which normally pays for itself!).

You’ll make no mistakes.

There are two obvious goals of filing your taxes — to avoid trouble with the revenue and to maximize your return. Making mistakes when filing your taxes alone could get you in trouble, and could as well make you lose out on some money. Certified Professional Accountants know exactly what sort of deductions and claims you can make to get the full tax return that you deserve.

You have a complicated tax situation that necessitates professional help.
For some, their taxes may be so simple that filing it online is perhaps the best choice. At the same time, however, everyone’s situation is different, and yours may be so complicated that you’ll absolutely need a professional’s help.

Hiring a tax professional is ideal if you are in business, if you are experiencing changes in your family situation (divorce, marriage, kids going to college, etc.) or if you wish to diversify your financial portfolio. All of these scenarios would make filing your taxes on your own particularly tricky.

You’re more likely to meet the deadline and avoid late fees.

When you hire a tax professional, he/she will keep you on task so that you turn everything in on time. If you want to avoid these horrendous fees as noted by the Revenue service, then hire someone to avoid being late.

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