Finding a Great Accountant

Finding a Great Accountant

1. Get referrals from other business people

Check out what accountants other business people use. Find out if their accountant’s work is satisfactory and worth the money. If this doesn’t turn up any results, try looking up the yellow pages or reviews online.

2. Call your prospective accountants to discuss their services

Have a chat with the various prospective accountants that you have chosen. You are entitled to ask about their education and industry experience. Check with their professional association to see if their stated qualifications are valid and there are no outstanding disciplinary issues.

3. Prepare a short list of questions

  • What are their billing rates? Ask about billing rates and how these are determined. Often you may have a quick question that can be answered via a short phone call or email – how do they bill phone or email advice?
  • How accessible are they? Always ask a question about their phone call and/or email policy. It’s important that your accountant is easy to contact when you have a question.
  • Are they familiar with the special requirements of your business and/or your tax situation.

4. Meet with the prospective accountant(s) and ask the questions

There’s nothing like a face-to-face meeting for gauging how well you might work with another person. Besides assessing the accountant’s knowledge, see how comfortable you are with him or her and how well the two of you communicate with each other. When you choose an accountant for your business you’re going to be establishing a long term relationship, so feeling comfortable with them is important.

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