5 Traits Every Great Accountant Has

However, a truly exceptional accountant will posses more than this.

1. Brilliant organisation skills

As previously mentioned, a great accountant must possess exceptional organisational skills. It is important that they are continuously up to date with their work. If they can organise their work, they will be much more productive and research and analysis can be conducted without disturbances.

2. High attention to detail

It is crucial that numbers and figures are always correct. Therefore, if an accountant doesn’t have attention to detail, it is most likely that errors will occur.

3. Always focusing on the client

Although a lot of emphasis is placed on focusing on numbers, focus should also always be placed on the client as well. Client requirements should always be met. As well as understanding the client in detail, the accountant must also know the industry and the sector. An accountant’s advice is always of value and knowing their way around a sector is the best way to make it more relevant and actionable.

4. Trustworthiness

The kind of information accountants deal with every day is very confidential in nature. One of the most important features of great accountants is that they’re professional and never impart any knowledge to third parties. This is the ethical way to conduct an accounting business, and having a reputation for trustworthiness can only help in scoring great jobs.

5. Excellent communication skills

Needless to say, accountants must be able to communicate and collaborate with colleagues from different departments. They should also be able to communicate key insights to nonfinance staff – accountants can use various data visualizations form to aid their communication effort and ensure that their insights are properly understood. Communication is also key to developing successful relationships with clients.

It’s clear that being a great accountant requires a lot of effort, but also key personality traits that make up for a level-headed, creative, and detail-oriented individual – the highly successful accountant every company wants to hire.

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