50,500 more people at work as unemployment plummets

There are 50,500 more people at work as unemployment plummeted by over 10pc in the last year.

The numbers employed rose by just over 2pc or 50,500 people.

This pushed the total number of people at work to 2.28 million.

The numbers unemployed fell by 15,200 or 10.5pc to 128,800 last year, according to the Central Statistics Office’s new Labour Force Survey.

Statistician Jim Dalton said the figures reflect continual growth in employment.

He said employment has increased for 26 consecutive yearly quarters.

The 2pc yearly rise in employment compared with an increase of over 3pc or 67,300 people the previous year.

Administrative and support service activities and construction enjoyed the biggest growth in employment.

However, the number of self employed workers slumped by almost 4pc or 12,100 people over the year to 319,600.

Article Source: http://tinyurl.com/kbwqb42

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