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63% of professionals considering a job change: survey

More than six out of ten workers here are considering a change of job this year, according to a survey conducted on behalf of business networking platform LinkedIn.

The survey of 1,001 professionals here, conducted by Censuswide late last year, found that 63% are considering a move during 2022.

The feeling was particularly pronounced among younger workers, with three quarters of those with careers of less than two years considering a move.

Just over a quarter of respondents to the survey also said that their reluctance to change job since the onset of the pandemic had led them to miss out on higher earnings.

Though Sharon McCooey, head of LinkedIn Ireland, said people’s consideration of a job change was about more than money.

“People are thinking about why they work, how they work, and they’re looking for more flexibility and alternative benefits,” she said.

Meanwhile the move to remote working had led to a change in the kind of perks workers were looking for, with more now seeking access to online training, credit for food delivery platforms and access to online exercise sessions and mental health apps.

Yesterday, a survey from the Central Statistics Office revealed that 90% of those aged between 35 and 44 years, who could work remotely, would like to do so when Covid-19 pandemic restrictions end.

It found that 80% of those in employment have worked remotely at some point since the start of the pandemic, compared to just 23% before the outbreak of Covid-19.

Meanwhile 58% of those not in employment would consider taking a job if it could be done remotely.

This comes as employers are likely dusting off their ‘return to the office’ plans, with the prospect of workplace restrictions easing in the coming weeks.

This could potentially create a flashpoint between staff and management, if the kind of flexibility people want is not being offered.

“We definitely believe that people will want to continue this hybrid, flexibility they’ve had,” said Ms McCooey. “It could be flexibility in terms of location, or the hours and days they work – so that cultural change has happened and people have worked successfully for nearly two years, so we’ll definitely see this pandemic will have changed the way we work.”

Article Source – 63% of professionals considering a job change: survey – RTE – Adam Maguire

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