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Cabinet to consider work from home proposal

The Cabinet will today consider a proposal that would strongly advise people to work from home.

The move is being described as far-reaching and people will be advised to attend a workplace only when it is necessary.

It follows close to five hours of discussions among the Taoiseach, ministers and health officials at the Cabinet Covid Committee last night.

The Government was last night presented with the prospect that rising Covid-19 numbers could mean that up to 500 people would require ICU care next month.

The best case scenario projected between 200 to 220 people needing ICU beds, with 1,100 to 1,200 requiring hospital care at a point next month.

The revised modelling says there is the potential for a large wave of infection, still peaking in late November, or early December, but higher than previous models due to waning immunity from vaccination.

While the peak could be at the end of December, large case numbers would last well into February.

The Government is also hoping to speed up the roll-out of vaccine boosters with approval granted for those aged between 50 and 59 to receive the booster.

Those aged under 50 with underlying medical conditions are also expected to be eligible to get the booster.

A recommendation that Digital Covid Certificates would soon be required in gyms, hairdressers and barbers will also be considered.

A plan for subsidised antigen tests is still being worked on.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health reported 4,570 new cases of Covid-19 yesterday.

The number of people with Covid-19 who are being treated in hospitals has increased by 40 from Sunday to 622.

There are 117 patients are being treated in intensive care units.

Article Source – Cabinet to consider work from home proposal – RTE – Mícheál Lehane

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